1 Ginza

Ginza is retail home to nearly every leading Japanese brand in fashion and cosmetics. International fashion brands also have branches in Ginza’s top-notch shopping district and major electronic household names have stores here too. It is one of the best locations for luxury goods stores and several brands have flagship stores where tourists can purchase limited editions of the best fashion lines and electronics in the world. As expected, there are numerous restaurants boasting Japanese as well as international cuisines and as such you can rest easy after a full day of shopping.

2 Yūrakuchō Mullion

A few minutes walk away from the Ginza shopping lane will take you to the entrance of Yūrakuchō Mullion. This is a multi-storey shopping complex featuring fourteen floors of tens of retail outlets.  The complex also houses the Mullion Musical Clock and also boasts seven movie theaters. You can take a break from your shopping spree at any one of these theaters. You can catch a movie, relax for an hour and a bit, and then head back out to finish up buying whatever may be on your shopping list.

3 Asakusa

The Asakusa neighbourhood has a rich history influenced by artisans and merchants of old. Asakusa is riddled with narrow lanes and winding alleys into which vintage shops and arts stores are carved. If you want to switch the busy, cosmopolitan shopping malls of Tokyo with a shopping experience that is more relaxed and history-inspired, then Asuka is the place for you. You will find unique collections of arts and crafts, souvenirs and culinary items, all of which can make for thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. Asuka has many back streets, and often taking a step further will lead you to vintage stores filled with items made with expert craftsmanship and quality materials.

4 Mori Tower

Mori Tower lies at the heart of Tokyo’s Roppongi district of Minato. It consists of 54 floors. The first six floors boast numerous retail stores and several restaurants, and the top six floors are home to the Mori Art Museum and an observation deck known as the Tokyo City View. Mori Tower is an excellent spot to visit if you plan to fit some sightseeing into your shopping schedule. A hike up to the observation deck offers stunning panoramic views of Tokyo from the 781-feet-high tower. Several smaller buildings and towers surround Mori Tower and each one of them is home to more retail outlets, luxury goods stores and restaurants, so you are in for a treat if you decide to visit this tower during your stay in Tokyo.

5 Tokyo Pop Town

Last but not least, where else can you find the best place for your last-minute shopping resort, but at Tokyo’s international Haneda Airport? On one of the airport floors, you will find Tokyo Pop Town where you can shop till your heart’s content before you return home. This floor is a celebration of Japan’s famous anime and character culture.The floor has several Japanese-themed stores, a Hello Kitty mini-theme park, several stores selling character goods for mascot characters, a Design Japan Culture Store and a slot car racing area. If you have kids, this is a great place to let them run around and enjoy the toys on display at the stores, before they take a much needed nap on the flight back home.

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