Italy has long been the home of the greatest fashion designers in the world: Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Versace, and Gucci all hail from Italy. It makes sense that if you’re into fashion, you’d want to visit Italy; and there’s no better time for a fashion enthusiast to plan their trip than for during Milan Fashion Week! If you are going to visit Milan during the annual affair, then there are a few things you need to know before your trip! 

Milan In September Is Expensive

Milan is the business center of Italy, which means that it is more expensive than other cities, even those that are extremely popular with tourists. Milan in September also sees a rise in the influx of people coming to the city – mainly due to the buzz around Fashion Week. While many Italian cities are renowned for their excellent and affordable pizza, wine, and coffee, Milan isn’t one of these places.

Accommodations are going to be in high demand during Fashion Week, too, so it will cost more for you to stay there during this time. It’s common that when the demand is higher, the supply drops, increasing the value of the product. It’s also a good idea to check reviews of the hotels online because European hotel star ratings are different from those in the US. 

Eating out can be expensive depending on where you want to go: the further from the business district and tourist hotspots you venture, the cheaper it will be. You should try to budget between $40 and $70 per person, per day to allow for all meals and entrance into some of the attractions.

You Might Not Get Into Any Fashion Shows

While you’re probably dreaming of getting into the venues and marveling at the models as they strut their stuff on the catwalk, there is a high chance that won’t happen. In fact, many of the shows during Milan Fashion Week are invite-only, meaning you can only get in if you’re a member of the fashion industry.

However, the shows often take place around the iconic landmarks within the city, such as the Piazza Duomo, the courtyard of the Castello Sforzesco, and at the Arco della Pace in Parco Sempione. Of course, security will be tight around these places, because of the high-status people who will be attending so make sure you’re polite.

There are a lot of other people who want to get the same experience you do, so as much as you can, book ahead and get to venues or open shows early. There is a huge demand for the first glimpses at next season’s fashions, so you’ll be vying for a highly coveted spot!

Milan In September Is Still Warm Enough

Most places and people say that the best time of year to visit Milan is in April or May, or September or October. That’s because the weather is almost idyllic – cooling down from the heat of the summer, but not cold or rainy like the winter. During September, the average temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius, so you don’t need your heavy jackets or sweaters.

However, the evenings are cool, so you’ll need to bring an additional layer or two if you’re out and about after dark. There’s generally always the possibility that you’ll get rained on, so it’s also a good idea to have a light, waterproof jacket to protect you from sudden rain showers.

Make sure you bring some water with you throughout the day, because buying bottles of water in shops and cafes can end up costing quite a lot of money. The tap water is fine to drink, but you often have to explicitly ask for water, and some may refuse you. Another thing to remember is that water is generally sparkling, so specify if you want still. 

There Will Be A Lot Of Photographers Around

Of course, photographers are trying to snap celebrities and famous people heading to and from venues. But, apart from that, the streets of Milan are flooded with people from all over the world who will be flaunting their best outfits while fluttering around the city. Many up and coming professional photographers will constantly be on the lookout for someone to snap.

If you’re walking around Milan during Fashion Week, there is a high chance that you could end up being in a street photographer’s picture. Depending on what – or who – you’re wearing, you could end up being the star of a photo, or you could inadvertently photobomb! While abnormal for non-celebs, be aware that you could get papped!

Of course, any photographers who take their jobs seriously will ask you for contact details to send photos to you when they have worked their magic on them. Be wary of anyone who might ask you to pose for them or pay them to take your photo.

You’ll Want To Check Any Visa Requirements

Before traveling to any country, make sure you know if you need a Visa to enter or exit. This is particularly true for European countries because even though EU citizens have the freedom to travel, the same rule often doesn’t apply to non-EU citizens. Travel visas are not to be ignored, you can’t wing it or figure it out later.

If you need a travel visa – especially if you’re planning to stay for an extended period of time – check out services like Favisbook ahead of time to arrange a meeting with the Italian consulate. Normally, these types of meetings can take weeks, if not months, to arrange and book, but companies like Favisbook speed up the process and help you to secure an expedited appointment – sometimes within a week!

Imagine potentially losing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars on your dream trip because of a form that wasn’t filled out or an appointment that couldn’t be scheduled. When investing in a once-in-a-lifetime experience like fashion week, don’t let logistics get in your way.

Milan Fashion Week is always an incredibly glamorous affair, and it’s definitely one to experience if you’re into fashion – there’s nothing quite like it! Hopefully, you’ll have a wonderful trip with memories to last you a lifetime.