If you do not have a car or want to be kinder to the environment then you will have to travel around the country using public transport. However, this can be expensive and so it is worth knowing how you can save money on various forms of transport to get around more cheaply.


There are various forms of public transport in the UK and these include:

– Train
– Bus
– Coach
– Underground
– Tram
– Ferry
– Taxi

The transport available will depend on where you are travelling so you may not have many options or you may have a lot. If you are near to a big city there will be a lot more options than if you are in the countryside. Whatever situation you are in, it is worth finding out about any potential ways that you can save money when you are using it. There are discounts available in many circumstances, across many different types of transport.



Children can normal travel at a reduced rate. Sometimes babies are free if they can sit on an adults lap, it depends on the form of transport. It can be that you pay only half a fare for a child, but it will depend on the company you travel with. If you have a pram or push chair it is worth checking whether there is space for this before you plan your journey.


Students can sometimes travel at a cheaper rate but they often have to pay for a student card, so they will need to travel a certain amount to make it worth buying it. It will usually also be necessary to have a student union card to prove that you are a student. It is worth finding out about this before you travel so that you have your card with you if needed and also calculate whether it is worth investing in a student travel card or not.


It is usually possible for the elderly to get reduced cost travel and it may even be possible to get a free bus pass to use on many services. You will need to apply and then the bus pass is usually renewed every year. These are usually only valid during off peak travel. It may be possible to get cheap or free travel on other local services as well, it is worth checking if you use them regularly.


Carers for disabled or elderly people can sometimes get discounts or free travel. It is worth checking with the company you are travelling with and finding out whether you need anything to prove you are a carer in order to get this.

Off Peak

Off peak travel can often be cheaper for everyone. It can be that certain days are cheaper or certain times. Often on buses you can get a cheaper return ticket at off peak times but can only purchase single journey tickets at peak times. Train travel may be dearer on certain days if the week. If you are flexible with regards to when you travel, it could be worth taking a look at this to see whether you can timetable your travel so that you do it at quieter times of the day.


It can be possible to buy tickets for multiple journeys which are cheaper. This could be for a certain number of journeys or for a certain time period. It means that if you are using public transport daily you can save a significant amount of money. Ask the driver about it or research on the bus companies website to find out more. It is worth noting that there are different local transport companies across the country so a saver ticket may only be valid within a certain area.

Advance Purchase

In some cases it is possible to purchase tickets in advance and this can save a lot of money. It will depend on how you are travelling but it is really worth looking into as you can save a significant amount.

It is also worth comparing the price of different ways of travel to see which will be the cheapest for you. Usually a bus will be cheaper than a train but it will be slower and so you will have to decide whether you have the time. You also need to check the locations of the stations and stops and see whether these are convenient for you. A taxi will normally be the most expensive option but it will go door to door and so can be more convenient.


In some cases you may not get a choice, but when you do, it is worth comparing prices and looking into discounts as you could find that there is a big difference in cost. It is easy to research online and well worth doing as you could save a significant amount of money if you do.