Traveling is exciting. Packing is daunting. Especially when it comes to airplane restrictions and baggage allowances. So whether you are going on holidays, traveling the world or moving country it’s important to be able to pack efficiently and lightly to avoid extra unwanted fees.


Before you even start to pack you need to choose the right suitcase for your trip. Try to find a light weight bag that doesn’t weigh that much and one with fewer compartments so you don’t limit your packing space.



Don’t leave it until the last minute as this is when the panic and stress starts to kick in. If you are only going for a week, then you will only need sufficient clothes for a week. Try to stick to 2 or 3 colours when choosing what clothes to bring as this will allow you to mix and match outfits.

Research the weather forecast of the country where your visiting to ensure you are packing the correct style of clothing.



Are you traveling with a companion or family members? Then why not simply share items such as toothpaste, chargers, sun cream, and other electrical appliances. Coordinate who is bringing what and share the weight, that way it will give you both more room in your luggage.

Send it there


Are you moving country and want to bring more than what’s allowed in one or two suitcases? Then why not simply send it there. You can use delivery comparison websitesfor free quotes at a competitive price from transporters who are already making similar trips. You can organize for your stuff to arrive a day or two after you do and just bring the essentials with you on your trip.

Buy it there


Do you need to bring everything with you? No. It’s more than likely you can buy most toiletries and other items at your destination. Research how much they cost in the country you are traveling to and it may surprise you they may be the same price or cheaper.

Just buy and pack travel sized toiletries to take with you and buy what you need when you arrive. This will allow you more space and weight in your suitcase.

Wear bulky items traveling


It definitely makes the most sense to wear heavy items while traveling as they will weigh your suitcase down. You can also fill your pockets as long as they are items you are allowed to bring on the plane. So, wear your heavy shoes and jackets etc while traveling.