October in Melbourne is usually an exciting season for locals and tourists alike, with several activities, events, and festivals to fill up their social calendars. From music fests and shopping events to fundraising walks and baking workshops, you definitely won’t run out of things to do in the city. 

Photo credit: Greg Elms – Melbourne Feb 2012

If you’re more of a health buff and wish to get fit or enhance your overall physical well-being while also having fun on the sidelines with your family during your vacation, then you’ll certainly enjoy some of the fitness events happening in Melbourne this October. 

Check out these three fit and fun activities to kickstart your month:

Gluten Free Expo & Conference 2016 (8 to 9 October 2016)


It’s kind of rare to find an event that’s dedicated to helping you learn more gluten-free products, but Melbourne makes it happen. This expo is not only for those who follow a gluten-free diet or are gluten-intolerant, but also for already health-conscious individuals and those who wish to achieve a fitter lifestyle. The event will help you learn more about Coeliac disease, give some tips and tricks for a gluten-free diet, let you watch a live cooking show, and also provide free samples of gluten-free products that are new to the market. This is your chance to stock up on gluten-free goods for you and your loved ones. The expo will be held in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. You can simply rent a car in Melbourneif you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the city so that you can reach the Exhibition Centre much easier.
Melbourne Marathon Festival 2016 (16 October 2016)


October won’t be complete without the annual Melbourne Marathon Festival. It’s been held for nearly four decades now, so if you want to join the city’s longstanding historical run this year, all you have to do is to go to their websiteto register. You can choose to run the full marathon, half, 10 km, 5.7 km, or 3 km — it all depends on you. The event’s website also features an interactive course map, so you can familiarize yourself with the routes and decide which marathon to select. And of course, a marathon’s not complete without you stocking up on fitness products pre- or post-race. The Active Feet Runners Expo, which will be located on the external concourse, will feature a wide range of fitness specific stores, so you can go check out their stuff before and after your marathon.

2016 Melbourne Festival (6 to 23 October 2016)


Last but not the least, we’re adding in the “fun” bit with the yearly Melbourne Festival. Once you’re through with your fitness events, why not have some fun and head over to one of the venues showcasing the best of Australia’s arts and culture? The 17-day Melbourne Festival is a blend of local and international artistic performances and shows, including theatre, dance, music, and visual arts, just to name a few. The much awaited annual event is held in different locations across Melbourne; you can go to its websiteto check which ones are convenient for you to go to. As with any festival or event that’s expected to have a huge crowd of attendees, it’s recommended to opt for a car rental in Melbourne instead to save the hassle of going around the city in public transportation.

With these events, it’s definitely easy to stay fit and have fun in Melbourne. Round up your friends, put your running shoes on, and fly to Melbourne for a fit and fun-filled October.