London’s nightlife is famous throughout the world, and as a city it truly rivals it’s American counterpart New York, when it comes to the title of the city that never sleeps.


We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve had a long day and a longer night out and heading home, the last thing we want to do now is cook….

The beauty of London is that you don’t have to, as there are many 24 hour restaurants and takeaways available for you to choose from!
Sometimes we’d settle for a greasy kebab, but no more! There are plenty of different types of cuisine on offer and you’re able to find out what’s open very easily. Here are a few of my suggestions when it comes to late night take-out:

Hummus Bros


Based in Central London, Soho and offering Middle Eastern Cuisine around the clock, each dish comes with generous helpings of Hummus at affordable prices to really hit the spot. Perfect if you’re out and about in the heart of London.

The Original Lahore

Serving up a mixture of Indian and Pakistani food for you to choose from, portions are big and prices are reasonable. The Original Lahore’s reputation means you can face long queues to get your food but it’s worth it! The specials on offer at the weekends are not to be missed either!

Bagel King


Bagels aren’t just for breakfast and the Bagel King takes full advantage of this. With all kinds of meats and spreads available to pile on your bagel, there’s something for everybody and if you’re not a fan of bagels they also do HUGE cakes and milkshakes to go with it. Dessert anyone?


Whilst not a takeaway restaurant, FEAST HQ is a very quick way of being able to enter your postcode and see what 24 hour options are available to.

You select the restaurant, pick and pay for your food and then turn up to collect it as you’re in the area. Straightforward and simple, just how I like it!

Hungry House


With over 10,000 restaurants available for you to choose from, Hungry House is ideal for when you can’t decide what kind of food you want. Choices include Indian, Chinese, Pizza, Sushi, and Thai.

Simply fire up your phone and take a look on what they have to offer in terms of take-out; after all sometimes we just can’t be bothered to trek into London to get some grub.