If you want to live life to the fullest, you must fill it with unforgettable journeys! Of course, it is easier said than done, but if a person wants to change the life with all his heart he will do his best!

What stands in your way to start a trip? Nothing but yourself and your ability to make decisions. If you hesitate because you don`t have a partner for the journey think about traveling alone. Because modern travelers do not need any companions as they can wonderfully enjoy the trip alone. The idea of solo traveling fascinates one people and thrills the others.


When you plan your first trip you can be unsure whether you`d better make a solo travelling or do it with a company. To find the best option you must evaluate possible pros and cons of these types of travelling. Bare in mind that your decision depends on the features of your personality. Travelling puts various challenges to your personality. Analyze the following arguments and define what is the best for you.


1.You risk not to be safe and sound

Travelling alone is full of adventures! But not everything can go fine. Remember that we live in the dangerous world, with pickpockets, frauds and murderers. You must always watch your back to prevent yourself from getting into troubles. Now imagine, if during the lonely trip you will be on pins and needles all the time, could it bring any pleasure to you? Eduzauruscan back up you with assignments, but you must have someone to support you in reality.

2. If you get lost, who will help you?

New areas are dangerous. Everybody can get lost in the labyrinths of new cities. Tourists may feel critically helpless if they do not orientate and do not know the language of the locals to ask for a way. Especially when you don’t have a map or can`t use  GPS when the charge of the battery is low.  It is easier and funnier to get lost with the friend because two heads are better that the one. You can get unforgettable impressions and the time of finding the way home will be shorter than when you do it on your own.


3. Nobody to split

You can share not only the impressions but also expenses. If there are at least two of you than your can pay for the housing and meals in half. There is also an opportunity to get some discounts for two or more people. The prices for lonely travelers are usually higher that for the accompanied.  However, there are ways for students to travel almost for free.

4. Luggage is heavier

It refers not only to the weak girls that like to offload men with their numerous stuff! Every tourist has situations when he needs someone`s to hold his bag. The presence of the companion will also be a little guarantee that you won`t forget your purse in the transport or in the cafe. In case you need to find a key for your hotel room or lace your shoes you need a help of your trip partner.

5. You have nobody to share impressions with

This is the saddest  part. When you discover new places and experience different impressions you need a person to share it with. The act of sharing strengthens relationships and fills a heart with a delight. Even the best places to vacation may not give you the desirable impression. Especially when you find something that appeals to you and your friend`s common interests. For example, if you are both fond of vinyl records during the moment when you found rare LP of Joy Divisionin some vintage shop you will have a breakneck desire to see the reaction of your friend. In case you are alone, there is an option to take a photo of the memorable moment and send it. But we all know that emoji cannot replace sincere emotions of the real person.

6. You may not be brave enough to meet new people

You have already built the relationships with people who are close to you. That is why you feel comfortable in their company and can easily start a conversation without the confusion. However, if you travel alone you only have a possibility to meet only new people and try to contact them. Even the bravest at home can come to a standstill when they face strangers. It is a big barrier that not every person can fight. Most people avoid such challenges and find wifi connection instead of the alive.


1. Create your personal schedule

People vary in their temps of life. It starts from the moment when they pack suitcases for the trip. Somebody needs a little bit less than the eternity, others are as rapid as sonic the hedgehog. You will not feel comfortable if someone will limit you in time. When you travel alone you can distribute time as you wish.  In addition, your fellow-traveller may not agree to spend as much time at the place of interest as you do. So, it is better to make solo trips because you are the only master for your plans and nobody can influence them. There is an unlimited amount of places to travel alone.

2. Follow your own interests

People differ in their interests. So, with another person, you will always have to make concessions in the choice of where to go during the trip. If you want to go the nightclub the person X will prefer to stay in the hotel. But as the friends, you must come to a compromise. Solo travelling will set you free from any interest clashes. You have started a trip to relax, not to be involved in complicated situations. That is why you must follow your plans when you have opportunities to do so.


3. Spend as much money as you wish

During the trip, you can be in different financial condition with your travel companion. Fortunately, whether you have a limited budget or you can afford luxuries there are ways to enjoy your journey. But if you are not on the same financial level with the travel-fellow you can face some awkward situations. And spend time on finding another compromise, but not on exploring the places of interest.

4. Prevent relationships from challenges

A trip with someone is a strength test on your relationships. You could have been sure that you will avoid conflicts, but take a reality check, nobody`s relationships have insurance. When you spend too much time with someone you can get sick and tired of the company of each other. Some situations during the travelling may  awake unknown features of your characters. You do not need this burden on the shoulders during the vacation. When you travel alone you do not depend on anyone.

5. More time for self-development and reflection

Solo traveling is a perfect option for those who need to take a deeper look at their inner world. Many people start tripping alone because they need time on their own to reflect. Solo travelling is a perfect opportunity to be with your own thoughts without the interference of others. People trapped in daily routine have no time to analyze their actions. That is why they need to travel take care of their psychic state. Through travelling, people are able to broaden their minds and explore new features of their personality. When you travel with a partner you spend more time on conversations with another person and you learn more about his personality. However, you must sort out the mess in you foremost.

6. You will become more responsible and independent

If you travel with a company you can count on someone`s help. When you are on your own you are 100% responsible for your actions. You will have to find solutions for possible problems and to deal with force majeures. If you fight such challenges without a help of others you will foster bravery, resoluteness and self-confidence. During the lonely trip, you may discover such treats of your character, which you have not noticed before. You will gain inestimable experience and believe in your own force. When you are alone during the trip you will meet new people and you will dare to get in touch with them. Such circumstances will make you act this way.


7. Be spontaneous

Single travel tours give you an opportunity to make sudden decisions. You must count on the fact that no everything will go as you have planned or expected. In most occasions, the best adventures happen when you were expected for the least. You cannot allow yourself  to turn away from plans during your daily life. When you travel with a companion you must firstly come to an agreement with him. So, only when you travel alone you are lucky to be spontaneous and open yourself for new.

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