Students’ lives are full of bright memories and new experiences. And exciting journeys should be in the Must-Do lists of all scholars. If now you are thinking about huge expenses, we want to highlight that traveling does not necessarily means long distances and luxurious conditions, other way around – the most valuable adventures happen spontaneously and don’t require a big budget!

A rare student doesn’t have a burning desire to see the world, discover new places, make friends and travel to the most distant corners of the world, but, at the same time, a rare student can afford traveling with all its expensive flights, accommodations and other expenses. We are happy to inform you that under certain circumstances the travel is free! If you would love to know how to travel the world for free, or at least spending little money, this article will share some unique worldwide opportunities with you that can make it possible to visit new countries and gain priceless experience cheap!


1) Sudan Volunteer Programme

This is a great possibility for bi-lingual students! SVP is a charity organization based in the UK that gives students from linguistic programs (last two courses) of universities and recent graduates a unique opportunity to become volunteers in Sudan and teach English in Sudanese schools. You can join a good cause and get a good practical experience. Preference is given to candidates for whom English is the native language, but if you have practical teaching experience, your application will also be considered, and you will have all chances to be accepted for this program.

2) ConservationVolunteers

Those who enjoy eco-tourism will love this opportunity! In the course of this program, students can visit New Zeeland or Australia and help fellow volunteers to move towards the shared goal – protect the nature.


This international youth organization provides vast variety of different students’ exchange, volunteer, as well as internship opportunities for students and graduates of universities in 113 countries all around the globe!

4) HelpExchange.

At this resource, locals from around the world invite travelers to help them on the farm or in small businesses, in exchange they provide them with free housing, food, and some activities; it is a great way not only to visit a new place, but also to explore the local culture.

5) Find a Crew.

If you are ready and willing to become a staff member at the cruise liner, yacht or catamaran, use this chance and exchange your labor for amazing journey across the ocean; also consider Vagabon Sailingfor similar opportunities.

6) UnitedNationsVolunteers.

This opportunity can apply to either recent BA graduates or students of MA and PhD programs, as the lowest required age of participants is 25 years, and university degree is a must for this program. Also, a candidate who wants to become a UN volunteer must fluently speak English, French or Spanish languages.

7) Youth in Action.

This program has educational purposes and offers young people to participate in different trainings in different locations including = Great Britain, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Latvia.

8) Appalachian Trail.

This is another non-commerce organization that welcomes volunteers from different countries, the main requirement is to love the nature and be ready to participate in maintaining the organization’s heritage.

9) Low-Cost Airlines.  

Often budget airlines offer very competitive rates for flights, so you can fly to another country for ridiculous money; also, a student can find some cheap packages that will significantly reduce the cost of long or complex flights.

10) Couchsurfing.

Do not forget about this quite popular resource where you can easily find a free accommodation and new friends in different countries, and if you combine it with cheap travel destinationsand choose auto stop as a transfer method and such trip will be full of memories, new people and will not cost more.


How to combine studies and traveling?

Going on vacation is always fun, but it doesn’t mean that a student must forget about studies; we advise college pupils to ask EduBirdie essay writersfor help during their adventures! This way, you will have an opportunity to fully distract from your academic studies but will be confident in successful graduation because professional writers will gladly assist you in your studies.

Another great way for you to travel for free if your a student is to go on a school trip, educational travelis one of the best ways to learn about other faiths and culture. Now you know that traveling for free or cheap is possible. We hope that more helpful tipsfor low budget travel will inspire you not only to see the world and new places, but also will make you desire to help others and combine traveling with good actions!