When you finally return from a round-the-world trip, there’s one thing that more or less every traveler does as soon as their foot is in the door: upload pictures to social media. Perhaps you had barely any access to Wi-Fi while traveling, or maybe you just like to save the process for when you’re home, but we travelers love to share our experiences with the rest of the world – and so we should! But is this the only way to remember a holiday? There are more subtle methods that still bring us nostalgia and make great stories, long after the travel photos have moved down your social media timeline.

Here are a few interesting approaches.

Disposable Camera


Taking photos with your phone or digital camera is great of course. It allows you to snap multiple different images, from all kinds of angles and arrangements. But what about taking one picture with a disposable camera, and then simply livingthe moment, rather than trying to bottle it. Having no idea what the image will look like until you process the film, also adds a sense of anticipation and excitement that’s not possible with digital cameras.

Tattoo or Memento

Sure, a bold step to remember a trip, but a tattoo is an engaging step nonetheless. It doesn’t have to be in the form of maps, compasses, or coordinates, something simple like the local word for ‘travel’ in whatever foreign country you’re visiting could be interesting. After a long Eurotrip, you might end up with ‘Reisen’, Viajar’, ‘Matkustaa’, and ‘Podróżować’ somewhere on your body. If you’re 100% not the tattoo type, then even gathering wristbands or badges from different countries is still a fun collection to have at the end of the journey. As many of you know I have ‘TRAVEL’ tattooed on my right forearm (pictured above).

Blog and/or Vlog

Blogging and vlogging (video blogging) often go hand in hand, but it is fine to focus on simply one form of media if you wish. We’ve spoken about setting up your own blogin the past, so be sure to read the series for tips on how to do this. Blogging allows you to not only share your travel stories on the web, but also keep an online diary of sorts. Slowly replacing the humble travel book, blog posts allow travelers to gain insight and knowledge on very specific things, whether that’s the party scene in Berlin, or the top five restaurants in Bangkok. Use this page from 1&1for a domain name search to begin with, where you can see what website names are available, and then have the chance to register it if you’re serious with blogging.

Vlogging, on the other hand, is a little more difficult, as you’ll need a top quality video camera, good presenting skills, and the ability to edit possibly hours of footage into a concise five to seven minute video. Whether you’d like to entertain or inform your viewers is up to you, but view travel vlogs first to get some ideas, and then experiment with your own videos before you start the trip.

Here’s one of my vlogs from Kuala Lumpur on YouTube.



Despite handwritten letters being overtaken by emails, there’s still seems to be a place in the world for the good old postcard. A simple and quick way to share with others your travel stories and where you were in the world, postcards never fail to bring a bit of joy to someone. That said, you could also send yourselfa postcard! Imagine coming home and seeing a bunch of postcards with little bits of information you might have forgotten… perhaps it was either overwhelmingly hot at the time, you were standing next to the girl or boy of your dreams, or you were incredibly excited about an activity you were about to do that evening. In any case, a postcard to yourself could be a nice way to recall the feelings of traveling that are hard to get across from pictures.