Students today are under a lot of stress. Whether it’s debating which college is right for them, wondering if they should follow their passion in college or choose a major that could lead to a high-paying career, or slogging through the uncertainty of the application and financial aid processes, the level of stress students feel long before they step foot in a lecture hall is astronomical.

Once students have entered college, one of the biggest stressors is writing papers. If writing, citing sources, and arguing points isn’t your strong suit, college can be a long slog that feels insurmountable. Luckily, students desperate for help in this area can turn to CustomEssayMeister, a company that offers editing and essay-writing services to overworked and overstressed students who have nowhere else to turn.

But what if college isn’t in the cards for you, at least not right away? The idea of taking a gap year before, during, or immediately after college to travel, gain real-world experience, and learn new things about other people and cultures is becoming increasingly popular. The money saving website a survey about how many 18-24 year olds had taken a gap year or were planning on doing so. They asked: “Would you like to take a Gap Year to travel?”

They found:
• Yes I am planning on before university – 6%
• Yes I am planning on after university – 12%
• Yes but I can’t afford to – 37%
• Yes but when I’m older – 20%
• No I am not interested – 22%
• I have already taken a gap year – 3%

Kata Tjuta , Uluru | Australia-2

It’s clear from the survey that the students’ biggest hurdle was the cost, which isn’t surprising considering that the average cost of taking a gap year is £3,000 to £4,000 ( approximately $4,000 – $5,000). Personally, I feel that taking a gap year is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run in terms of getting acquainted with new cultures and meeting new people.

Below is a  short list of vacation travel destinations that have several things in common – each offers many different kinds of activities, such as swimming, bungee jumping sightseeing, and skiing. Of course, the destination must also attract other young and active people who are in search of fun!



Australia has been a choice of many students because of its spectacular great barrier reefs, rainforest, mountains and wildlife. It is a great attraction for many as no one wants to miss the Sydney harbor bridges, the botanic gardens and the scenic parks at affordable rates.

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India is an incredible place to visit for student because of its rich Indian culture and spiritual diversity which is quite different from the rest of the world. In this country, food and accommodation are relatively cheaper thus making it affordable for students. There are quite a number of hostels, many tour guides and plenty of people to meet.



Cuba is a good choice for travel because life expenses here are student friendly. Cuban food is safe and affordable, and the travel is cheap especially if one is to use the bus system. Cuba is very famous for the lovers of salsa dance.

South Africa


For the love of wildlife, South Africa is a home to many mammals and penguins. The rich African culture is evident from the people’s dress and dances. For the historians, Soweto Township is a must visit if one has to learn about historical icons like Mandela.

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No one wants to miss the boat trips, beautiful sunsets, caves and beaches offered at Ibiza. The night is also quite alive here, and all these are at rates that students will be able to afford. Food and accommodation are in plenty here.