The Chinese Year of the Monkey starts when the clock strikes midnight on the 8th Feb, heralding the end of the year of the Sheep. Traditionally, the year of the Monkey brings bad luck to those who have been born in previous years of the Monkey, however it’s not all bad news as those people who are born under this zodiac sign are believed to be witty and intelligent, with a magnetic personality. They are usually active but can be a little mischievousness at times.

A lot of traditions surround Chinese New Year celebrations. These include decorating the house and wearing red to bring good luck, exchanging red envelopes to pass on good wishes and eating a reunion dinner with family members of all generations on New Year’s Eve. There are also traditional dragon dances and fireworks are set off.

Fireworks and firecrackers have a large role in the New Year’s celebrations. It is believed that the loud bangs of the fireworks scare off bad luck and the setting off of the first firework of the celebration is rumoured to bring good luck to that person.

With the UK seeing the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of Asia, Pryers Solicitorshave produced this handy infographic to make sure you celebrate safely.