If you have ever booked a non-refundable hotel roomand have had to cancel at the last minute, you know how frustrating this situation can be. The disappointment that comes from not being able to stay at the hotel that you chose is only matched by the cancellation fee that you are charged. Now, thanks to an ingenious new site called Roomer, travelers no longer have to lose the money they spent on their hotel reservations.

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How does Roomer work?

The professionals behind Roomerrealize that an online marketplace usually doesn’t instill the peace of mind in its users that it should this is why they have taken all precautionary measures to ensure that both the buyer and the seller are protected.

Roomer promise that your contact and reservation details will only be used for necessary purposes such as validation and that your personal details are stored securely on the sites database and can only be accessed by staff of Roomer which pride themselves in having great communication with their users. They will contact the hotel room sellers in the event that there is a problem validating the reservation.


Exceptional customer service

Roomer provides constant updates to the hotel rooms sellers, this includes the status of their listing and once a sale has been made. Once a sale is completed all information pertaining to that reservation is discarded for security purposes.

How do you know if you will be paid?

Every transaction that takes place via Roomer is done through their secure payment platform. The buyer is charged upfront, the payment is then held in Roomers vault, which uses similar technology to Paypal and is not even accessible to staff of Roomer.

Once the reservation has been validated, the seller will received his payout exactly 10 days after the transaction date. The reason why Roomer holds these funds in their escrowaccount for a period of 10 days is to make sure that the buyer was able to book-in and out without any problems.

Roomer does not require your credit card details in order to sell your hotel room, just a few personal details. However, you will be asked your payment details, when it is time to receive your money.

By listing your reservation on Roomer, you can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that the sale of your hotel room is in professional and competent hands.