When a person travels to Spain, they are exposed immediately to the beauty of the people and the landscape. Starting in the North where Spain is green and lush, the Basque people with their unique identity, and quick access to countries like Spain and Portugal then heading south via a 12-hour bus ride towards La Costa Del Sol where the land is arid with fields of olive trees littering the landscapes around us. Rounding the wide corners you finally see it…the Mediterranean. It’s blue swallows the vast around you and suddenly you’ve stepped into a Woody Allen movie with stark cliffs lined with white homes and flowing dresses of people shopping the markets. You may never want to leave. You shouldn’t.


Nerja, a small city on the coast, is referred to as Europe’s balcony, and it doesn’t disappoint. It is here that I set up my modest area where I’ll speak to people about donating their prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and other goods visual accessories that are not being used to give to people from poorer communities in the area. Because, why not explain the importance of vision to those who are looking at one of the most beautiful landscapes an eye can see? Why do I mention any of this? Because it is this work that allows me to travel the world. I’m not wealthy, or a genius, or have family with millions of travel miles. My aim in life is to make the world better for others and it is in that aim that I travel and I find others who are passionate for my work to help fund my trips throughout the year. 

There are many ways to fund your trip. Here are some ways Travelanthropistsuggests traveling for a good cause:

  • Teaching abroad
  • Charity travel
  • Volunteer Travel

Each of these experiences is rewarding in its own way. For me, I’ve used crowdfunding sites as they are good sites to raise money for nonprofits. There are many ways to get abroad and creativity is key when looking at funding opportunities. One website, lists some great questions to ask when creating your own project to travel for. Those questions include:

  • What are your goals and outcomes?
  • Who is involved and what are their qualifications?
  • Who is your target audience?
Nerja, Spain

Nerja gave me such a rich experience while I was there. I was able to visit secluded caves that open to the sea, drink wine on the balcony with new friends I met on the beach, spent an evening with gypsies as they sang the songs of their past, and enjoyed the fresh bounty from the sea. I was able to speak with many about the privilege of sight and how we can help share the gift of vision with others who are in need. We did some good work as well receiving financial and product donations from locals and travelers. It is exciting to be able to give back to a community that has so much to share with the rest of us.My heart was racing, as I landed in the bustling capital of Madrid. Beautiful people buzzing around from so many different countries, and all of us looking for that Spanish experience of art, culture, olive oil, tapas, wine, and so much more. On this trip I set my sights on southern Spain, Andalucia, home to Moorish architecture and Antonio Banderas, what more could people want?