Tunisiais the northernmost country in Africa. Africa doesn’t have a reputation as a preferred destination for Americans, but I’ve been traveling there for years and can attest to its incredible cultural diversity, breathtaking wildlife, and fascinating history. Affordable to visit, and exciting for all kinds of people, Tunisia has secrets that the rest of the world has yet to learn.

Once you’ve learned a few of your own, you’ll be amazed that you lived as long as you did without traveling to this interesting hodgepodge of ancient ways and modern living, African geography and Mediterranean flavors, friendly people and fraught history. We can only cover a little of this in this short post, but we hope it is sufficient to give you the itch that only Tunisia can scratch.

The Arts


Art lovers will have a lot to enjoy in Tunisia. The country has only been independent of foreign powers since 1956, after a series of colonialists (including the ancient Romans) used the nation for their purposes for many generations. Following independence, Tunisia began to distinguish itself on the world stage with its home grown painting innovators. Much of that tradition still exists in Tunisia today, and the history of Tunisian painting is still visible on museum walls and in private collections to this day. Literature is also well represented in the annals of Tunisian intellectual achievement. Classic works written in Arabic still exist, even though they were composed in the 7th century. French works from the 19th century colonial days are still well known, and rank highly among French works of all types.



Tunisia has one of the best football traditions in all of Africa. The Tunisian national team even beat out all other African teams in 2004 for the African World Cup. Wherever you go, people play soccer, from kids in the street to older folks who haven’t lost all their steps. It’s fun for all, whether you want to watch from the stands or even participate yourself. You won’t be likely to win many points unless you have near-professional skills, but lovers of the game will enjoy losing to people so ingrained with the spirit of the beautiful game. To tell the folks back home all about it, grab a NobleCom Tunisiaphone card, or use the NobleAppon your smart phone.



Never will you be so happy that you eat three meals a day than in Tunisia. Everywhere you go, amazing food awaits. You may not be familiar with the traditional dishes, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dive right in anyway. Vegetarian dishes predominate, but the meat lover isn’t left out in the cold either. Exotic spices from the Mediterranean or those obtained from still-extant traditional trading routes make the sometimes humble ingredients explode with flavor. It’s an ancient culture which has had a lot of time to develop amazing cuisine, so you can expect succulence. Click here for amazing Tunisian Recipes.


Once you arrive in Tunisia, you’ll find the living very affordable from a personal finance perspective. Take the time to explore, and you’ll discover experiences that will give you amazing memories for the rest of your life.