You’ve planned out the whole trip. You know which countries you’ll visit, which routes you’ll take from place to place, which hotels you’ll stay at, and which cultural landmarks you’ll check out along the way. You’ve even forked out a hefty wad of cash for your plane tickets. This backpacking trip is happening and you know you’re ready.

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And you are. Except for that one thing, that is. What thing? Well, you’re a vaper, aren’t you? Of course you are, and here’s an unfortunate truth for you: vaping’s not always as straightforward around the world as it is here in the States. It’s illegal in some countries and restricted in others. In one country you might be fined while in another you’ll vape out on the streets but won’t find e-smoking supplies for hundreds of miles. What does all this mean? If you don’t want to go back to cigarettes while enjoying your backpacking trip, you’ll need to plan ahead, bring supplies, and research where you can and cannot safely vape in public.

Air Travel

Before you can backpack across Europe or China, you’ll have to hop on a plane and fly there. This means, preferably, getting through airport security without any hassles. Obviously, e-juice is a liquid, which means you’ll need to check current regulations for proper packing of liquids. Also make sure you keep the bottles tightly sealed; air pressure has a funny way making messes of your liquid items if not properly sealed. You’ll also want to keep your clearomisers in separate bags as they also have a tendency to leak due to air pressure.

Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Flying abroad also means long flights. That’s a lot of hours cooped up in an airplane. So, can you vape? No. Currently, there are no major airlines that allow vaping on their planes. Rumor has it that people have blown a few clouds in the lavatories. They say the vapor won’t set off the smoke detectors. Maybe they’re right, but we think it’s too risky to be worth it. If you can’t make it fifteen hours without your fix, buy some nicotine gum to hold you over.

What about airports? Can you vape in them? Generally no. Most airports treat vaping as they do smoking, meaning you can vape in any smoking rooms. Should you be able to find them, that is. London’s Heathrow airport does offer a vaping only room. Here’s hoping more airports follow suit.



As we said above, vaping supplies can be hard to come by, depending on where you’ll be backpacking. Working your way through Germany? Well then, you’ll be fine. Not only should you be able to vape in public, but you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding supplies. Swing over to Switzerland, and you’ll likely receive a few hard stares as you vape but no fines. But since restrictions have been placed on vaping there, supplies might prove harder to come by. Now, head over to Belgium and things get a bit trickier. E-cigs are banned there. No supplies and no friendly smiles when you pull out that vaporizer.

The moral here is to stock up when you can. In other words, leave the States well stocked. Bring your vaping gear, your charger (and international plug adapter), batteries, a sturdy case to protect things, and as much of your favorite e-juice as you’re willing to lug around. Once you’ve depleted those supplies, you need to restock when possible. If you know you’ll be entering a vaping-restricted country, buy your supplies before you enter.


Vape in Singapore and you’ll be hit with a $200 fine. You can meet similar fate in several other countries as well (so do your research). No joke. However, generally speaking, most place aren’t so hardcore. If they’re not hip to your vaping, you’ll usually get unpleasant looks or a verbal warning. As far as we’re concerned, the best thing to do is be respectful of others and their local laws. Not only is that common decency, but it’s liable to spare you any escalation. You’ll be a long way from home, you probably won’t speak the language. Do you really want to get yourself in hot water with individuals or legal authorities you’ve offended? If you must try to sneak in a vape or two in a restricted country, you’ll want to pack something like e-cigs from NJOY. Since they look like real cigarettes, you might get away with it.

There you go. Your backpacking trip will be an experience of a lifetime, the memories of which you’ll carry forever. Following the above vaping guidelines will help you keep those memories positive.