Being adrift in the world with just a laptop and a few belongings is one of the many possibilities bestowed upon us by technology today. It’s a good idea to take advantage of any freedom you have to travel to new countries and if you have the right skills and work to make an income over the internet.


It’s important however to take some important things into considerations before braving it out in the world with just a backpack filled with electronics and a spare set of clothes. Read these five tips for successfully setting out to live the digital nomad life.

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Get Your Finances Secured

Setting off into a world of adventure might seem a bit risky in nature, but you shouldn’t make it even riskier by traveling with a dithering income and bank account balance. Instead, it’s best to have your finances planned as best as possible to where you’re traveling and what you estimate your expenses would be. Additionally, while researching your vacation, a holiday loan might be a good option to cover a large portion of your travel expenses if you plan to be abroad for a shorter period of time.

Carry an Ethernet Cable


The internet is the lifeblood of the digital nomad, and cheap or unavailable Wi-Fi can put business and cash flows at a standstill. The best way to prevent this is having an Ethernet cablewith you at all times. Plus, Ethernet hookups usually provide a stronger connection, meaning they’re better for video conferencing and chats which can typically take up a lot of bandwidth.

Conserve Battery Power


Internet access isn’t the only critical component to the survival of the digital nomad though. Having charged devices, whether they be laptops, tablets, or smart phones is imperative to being connected when necessary. Electrical power isn’t always guaranteed for the traveling digital nomad, so it’s also smart to carry a portable battery packas an emergency reserve. Devices should also be powered down when not needed, and Wi-Fi, GPS, and other battery sucking apps and features should be turned off when not in use as well.

Secure Belongings


Not everyone you meet on the road is a wholesome character, and it’s best not to have to learn this lesson the hard way. Purchase the right backpacks and locksto keep your devices and personal items from being stolen, and even consider camouflaging expensive equipment to keep wandering eyes from getting any ideas.

Enjoy Your Surroundings

Finally, enjoy yourself! Being a digital nomad implies doing work abroad, but you defeat the purpose of traveling if you’re just going to stare into the abyss of a laptop screen all day while Thailand or Argentina sits longingly around you. Take some time to enjoy the local culture and do something you wouldn’t usually do.

Be safe, but don’t just be a tourist either. Experience the world through someone else’s perspective, try to understand life a bit differently, and above all, have fun!