We all travel around a fair bit nowadays, and while it’s exciting to pop to the Gold Coast for a weekend, there are some incredible sites that are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, the kind of activities that you’d put on your bucket list. Actually, why not take a look at my suggestions for a traveler’s bucket list for some inspiration for your next holiday?

Explore Antarctica

There are few places on earth more remote and untouched than this vast ice country. With places like Nepal becoming ever more crowded, it takes a certain leap to get away from it all – and Antarcticamight be it. This is a place where solitude reigns supreme, so enjoy it.

Enjoy the Tour de France

This is a must for any cycling enthusiast, as it takes in some incredibly stunning scenery along with some amazing sportsmanship. As far as cycling adventuresgo – this is certainly one to enjoy.


See the Aurora Borealis

Experience the Northern Lights. These beautiful lights are a must-see for nature enthusiasts, and they’ll certainly leave you breathless with their stunning visuals. This occurs most commonly in the Arctic region, in countries like Iceland, and there are plenty of tour companies such as superjeep.iswho cater to the increasing number of people who are looking to see this stunning treat.


Explore the Galapagos

When nature is left to its own devices, there are some pretty incredible animals to see. Enjoy this pristine and unspoiled spot off the coast of the continent of South America. This incredible archipelago is the result of volcanic eruption, and there are lush highlands and pristine waters to explore as you spot animals and enjoy the remote wilderness.


Trek Machu Picchu

Trekking Machu Picchuis an absolute must-do and it’s easy to see why with its iconic hilltop ruins and panoramic views. This world wonder is a highlight for so many people.

Explore Patagonia

This Chilean wonder is incredible – and it’s a joy to tour or trek through this incredible spot.

Float down the Amazon

This is the most majestic river in the world – and for good reason. It is a 2.6 million square-mile basin with rivers and streams coming from eight countries. Come for the wildlife and enjoy the rich cultural life of the people who call it home.

Visit the Temples of Angkor

Explore this magnificent ancient site in Cambodiaand enjoy the stunning formations of the architecture of these temples.


See the Serengeti’s great migration

Enjoy the sight of tens of thousands of animals galloping across the great plains of this African savannah.

See whales in the wild

Marvel at the sight of these stunning giants hefting their bulk out of the water and crashing back into the deep. Guatemala is a great destination for whale watching.


Snap a picture at the Taj Mahal

This stunning monument of love is an incredible place to explore, and you’ll love seeing the sun rising over the domed roof in the morning.

Explore the Grand Canyon

This awe-inspiring chasm in the United States desert is well worth a look in, and even better from the sky above it in a helicopter ride.


See the Great Barrier Reef

Coral, fish and beautiful scenery is the best way to spend a day! Soak up all the goodness at the Great Barrier Reef.


Trek to Base Camp at Mount Everest

This is a must do for so many people, and it’s easy to see why – the tallest peak in the world is well worth scaling – at least to the base camp.


Watch a Sunrise in Myanmar

A mythical spot still largely unexplored, Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a site for many archaeological buffs who want to get away from it all.

Bagan offers incredible landscapes with some 2,500 pagodas and temples. Sunrise is the simply the finest moment to capture the best of Bagan, especially from a Balloon.

It is said that your myanmar touris incomplete without exploring Bagan for certain reasons.

I hope you’ve drawn some inspo from this list – now get out there and have fun!