Marrakech is one of the most unusual and interesting cities in the world. Its unique culture will enchant any curious traveler, a journey to Marrakech is nothing less than exhilarating. By day or night, this bustling city holds the secrets to beautiful Morocco and Northern Africa’s unique culture. Read on for some of the city’s must-see sights.


Marrakech by Day

A holiday to Morocco’s capital is the perfect adventure for travelers of every budget. There’s so much to do and see during the day – and much of it is for free. Here are some amazing things to see and do in the daytime.

Visit the Souks

The city’s amazing souks are full of color and atmosphere. They are the largest in Morocco and are bursting with quirky and characterful traders. Shopping in the souks may feel daunting at first but embrace the energy and soak up the crazy atmosphere. You’ll soon learn to love it.

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Walk Around Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa is the main square in Marrakech. In the heat of the day, the atmosphere here is loud and lively. Escape the unforgiving afternoon sun in one of the many sheltered cafes nearby.


photo credit: Notes of Nomads

Drink Mint Tea at a Rooftop Café

There are many rooftop cafes which offer excellent views of the city. You can find a number of rooftop cafes overlooking the Jemaa el-Fnaa too – and you will be able to taste the famous Moroccan mint tea. A great way to refresh and recharge.

Enjoy a Traditional Moroccan Spa


Stay at a classic Moroccan spa hotel complete with traditional Hammam spa and you will find a little piece of paradise away from the intense hustle and bustle of the city. Visit the Chic Retreats website to find a spa hotel in Marrakech.

Marrakech by Night

Because of the extreme heat, night is when the city really comes to life. Daytime temperatures can exceed 40°C in the height of summer – so head out at night and watch as locals flock to the main square. Seeing Jemaa el-Fnaa by night is not to be missed but here are some other things to do during nightfall.


Dine Out at a Riad Restaurant

Beautiful riads have been transformed into hotels and inns. But if you’re not lucky enough to be staying at one of these luxury Moroccan palaces, dine out at a riad restaurant instead for an extravagant ‘riad’ experience.

Discover Marrakech Nightlife

Alcohol is forbidden in many parts of Morocco, but because of the capital’s tourism trade you can still find it at many restaurants and cafes. Alcohol can be expensive, though, so if you want to save money, stick to local beers such as Flag Beer. Those looking for a party atmosphere will find a great place to party at nightclubs such as Diamant Noir Club or Pacha Marrakech.

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