Short breaks are great; no long term commitment, no extended time away from work/home/the kids, and they can be a fantastic way of getting a little taster of a brand new place. If you’re looking for a short break with the finest food, the best views and all the luxury a hotelier can throw at you, here are 9 luxury destinations to inspire your next mini-trip.



Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This little gem of Indonesia boasts paradise panoramas, divine cuisine, and some of the most stylish resorts. Perfect for a honeymoon or just for a luxury break for the family.



Never short of glitz and glam, Dubai is the ultimate luxury destination for city slickers. Best known for its magnificent skyscrapers, this is the land of 6 and even 7 star hotels (because 5 stars simply isn’t enough), and is a great bet for a short break if only to keep your costs down!



Marrakech is one of those wonderful cities that can be explored in a day or two if you’re really short of time. Stay in a magical Riad and don’t forget to visit a luxury Hammam spa for some authentic Moroccan treatments.


Amazing Crete is one of the most stunning Greek islands and it is also the largest. The vast size of it means that you have it all; mountain landscapes, dreamy beaches, delicious local wines and gastronomical delights in almost every restaurant. Crete is best explored over a week or so, but even two days in this Mediterranean paradise will leave you refreshed.

Val d’Isere


For luxury with a difference, why not challenge yourself to some winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding in the ultra-stylish Val d’Isere in France. It boasts brilliantly steep skiing conditions and a fantastic nightlife too. A honeypot for the rich and famous, this is a great place to go celeb-spotting.



This city is truly magnificent, and is perfect for a stopover if you’re travelling in South East Asia. Be sure to visit the famous Raffles Cocktail Bar and walk around the beautiful colonial quarters.

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The French are known for their hedonistic ways and in Paris, you can really indulge. For a weekend shopping trip, stay near Boulevard Haussmann by the Paris Opera House or Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada.


This Portuguese archipelago is fantastic for luxury seekers who are also after some sun. With a mild subtropical climate and heavenly beaches, it’s the perfect short break destination for anyone looking to wind down and relax.


For romance and magic, it really doesn’t get better than Venice. It’s the ultimate vacation for couples and some must-visit places include the famous Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Campanile, Murano Island and Lido.