The mystery of Asia continues to attract more visitors each year. Ancient cultures, majestic mountains, fabulous food, and incredible shopping offers something specific to every traveler. As China continues to expand in commercial and cultural venues, Western travelers want to explore Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing to name a few. People everywhere imagine and want to experience the Great Wall of China. The mysterious Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Xian are another amazing and popular sight to see! Our favorite tailor-made tours of Asia enable travelers to see exactly what they wish to see. Asia is a vast continent and the first choice Asian destination, according to the U.S. Commerce Department, is China.


Customized Small Tour

It’s possible to experience the amazing sights of China in a personalized tour. Some of the best tourist agents to China offer custom tour options. For instance, if the travelers want to see the Great Wall, the Summer Palace (Beijing) or the Great Mosque of Shanghai, the tour operator generates an itinerary that focuses on these specific destinations.

In comparison to a “small group” tour (usually range from about six to eighteen people), a custom tour includes only family and friends invited to the group. It’s possible (and recommended!) to plan a custom trip with an experienced travel operator. For instance, a custom tour might have visitors spend several days touring just Beijing (instead of five plus days in a standard tour) or select a longer tour to include Guilin, Shanghai, Xian, and other cities of China over a specific period. Some custom tours enable travelers to see China during a comfortable cruise along the Yangtze River. Obviously, travelers should select an experienced tour operator whose guides are knowledgeable about the culture, art, and history of China (up to present day).


Pan-Asia Travel

Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, welcome more than fifty million travelers each year and the numbers of travelers are growing. Cambodia, Indonesia, and Viet Nam are also popular destinations. Japan, South Korea, India, Nepal, and Bhutan…the list is almost endless. But it’s practically impossible to visit each of these countries in one trip.


Asian Tours and Travel Operators

The best approach is to make separate trips and inroads to these counties with experienced Asia tour and travel companies. Experienced travelers suggest Sita Tours (travel packages through Malaysia and Thailand); Pacific Delight tours (many Australia and Australasia destinations); General Tours (many Japan tours); and Wendy Wu, who offer private, customized, and group holiday tours of china, are frequently mentioned, experienced Asian tour and travel operators. Since it’s so important to select the travel operator on the basis of their in-depth experience in a certain part of Asia, discuss the kind of itineraries each offers for the destination you’re interested in!


Luxurious Asian Tours

Many experienced travelers believe that, relative to European tour packages, developing Asia (non-Japan) is a much less expensive proposition. It’s also easier to get more ‘perks’ in Asia tour packages, allowing for five-star accommodations in many cases. Some of the most often mentioned tour operators in this genre include Explorient, Travcoa, Wendy Wu, and Absolute Travel. Of these operators, Wendy Wu is considered the premier choice for China tours. Travelers seeking a multi-country tour might like Explorient.


Theme Tours

With so much choice, some travelers decide to select a specialist travel operator. For instance, travelers with an interest in ecotourism might like Wild Planet. Travelers committed to a vegetarian lifestyle might like Veg Voyages to Thailand. For travelers interested in a tour of China by river, think Wendy Wu tours.


Asia is an amazing and very big place, so the primary goal of this post is to share some ideas and options in making a first, second, third, or later trip to Asia. There are so many choices for Asian travel, I believe that planning a tour with an experienced operator is sensible and cost-effective!