Attention outdoorsy travelers, nature-lovers, and adventurous spirits…If you’re looking for some tips on what to pack into your bag before your trip here is a list of 7 essential items for all travelers, but especially for those of you who prefer to stay clear of hotel creature comforts. This list is, of course, not a complete one but it will give you a good idea of what you’ll need to bring with you whether you’re planing to go hiking, trekking, camping, fishing, or backpacking.

Rain Poncho. You can plan a trip as much as you want, but if the weather is going to be bad, you need to be prepared for that too. So definitely pack at least one cool rain poncho in your bag and save yourself from some unplanned rain. Rain ponchos are great not only because of keeping you dry. You can feel free to use it as a blanket to sit on a grass too! It is only a win-win situation here!

Sleeping Bag Liner or Sheet Sack. If you think that sleeping bags are going to take too much space, you are probably right. But sometimes you are going to need something to sleep in, right? Then look for some cool sleeping bag liners or simple sheet sacks. It will work on both ways: as a material to sleep on, and as a material to cover yourself. And since these sheet sacks are made from waterproof materials, you can sleep under the rain and keep yourself dry. The one in the image above is from Brookstone.


Waterproof Bags. I am talking a lot about protecting you from the rain. And I am definitely not going to stop here too. Another super essential and handy item you need to have with you is waterproof bags. First, it will protect your most expensive and needed belongings (like money, passport, etc.). Second, it can be a nice way to store it all and make your bag much tidier as well. Moreover, it can also protect electronic equipment, keep small pieces of clothing dry, or keep potentially leaky items (shampoo, lotion) from getting all over your luggage. So you should certainly consider purchasing some waterproof bags before a trip. We have pack-flat waterproof and washable toiletry kits (above) available in  5 colors (red, black, blue, gray, and pink).


Thermal Underwear. To keep you warm, you should also invest in great and high-quality thermal underwear. It provides much-needed warmth when traveling in colder climates and helps you avoid chances of getting sick. This type of underwear is not so easy to find too. But some specialized traveling equipment stores surely have it. For instance, REI sells a huge variety of it. You can even choose from your favorite color items! And you know that, right now, along with special promo codes to shop at REI from you can purchase it much cheaper. So hurry up and make sure to be warm during your trip with some nice underwear for traveler just like you.


Sarong or Travel Towel. Better leave your regular towel at home. You are going to suffer a lot with it because it just won’t dry as fast while you’re traveling. Better purchase a type of super absorbent micro fiber towel or sarong that will suit your needs instantly and will let you forget about wet towels. At the same time, a sarong has the advantage of drying quickly while doubling up as clothing.


Swiss Knife. How can any traveler travel without some nice and good Swiss knife? You are going to use it so much during your trip; you will be amazed why you haven’t packed it before. A nicely made Swiss knife should have a fork, knife, scissors, spoon and other tools to make your daily routines easier. But take notice that at airports these knives will be taken from you. So better pack it then you are traveling by car or train.


Universal Adapter Plug. Finally, from your smartphone to your camera charger, you need to make sure that you have a nice source of energy wherever you go. In order to be able to use electricity all around the world, you should pack at least one universal adapter plug. Some of it come with a USB charge port, which is a useful addition too. So make sure that you are always energized and pack this item at your bag too!