Venture to the Western extremity of Europe and you’ll find the lovely city of Lisbon which is known worldwide for being one of the most interesting and exotic in the entire continent. Lisbon trips are perfect for individuals who want to enjoy historical attractions, cultural treasures and good food. For ideas of how to best spend your holiday, we suggest visiting the Internet. However, for all the top restaurant recommendations, simply read on!


Found within a friendly hostel in town, this beautifully stylish restaurant will far exceed your expectations. The menu boasts a variety of modern Portuguese dishes, including seafood rice, which is aptly named ‘Portugal on a plate’ and has attracted hundreds of locals as well as tourists looking for a dining experience traditional to the area. The modern art decor creates a quirky atmosphere, which continues on into the beautiful, cobbled courtyard outside.

Cervejaria Ramiro

An absolute haven for seafood lovers, Ramiro offers an extensive range of fish, crab, lobster, prawns, shrimp and barnacles which will leave you satisfied, yet wanting more. This restaurant has been running for over half a century and has become known to locals as the seafood temple. With that in mind, it’s little wonder that it always attracts a queue so get there early to avoid lengthy waiting times.


A seafood joint with a twist, this Asian-inspired restaurant has a very modern vibe. Staff sport t-shirts reading ‘I’m a fish addict’ and trust that by the time you walk out the door, you will be too. The menu plays with dishes from both Europe and Asia which creates an interesting fusion and a real treat for your taste buds.

The Nun’s Canteen (ACISJF)

Lisbon’s best kept secret, ACISJF is known by the few who know it as the Nun’s Canteen because it’s run by a Catholic association. A handful of women in hairnets manage the place, dishing up three course meals for less than ten euros a time. The food is far from five star but it’s always freshly cooked and is served with a wonderful view. Keep your eyes peeled as the sign on the door is super discreet.

Dining in Lisbon is a wonderful experience and providing you do your research beforehand, you’re bound to find some incredible places to eat.

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