Anyone who has read about my travels know that I’m a big fan of boutique hotels, but they often come with a hefty price tag attached, especially during high season. Being a modern traveler involves keeping up with all technological advances of the industry, which oftentimes translates into money-savings. You may already know that hostel properties are one of the best and easiest ways to save money on accommodations when traveling. So many people say they’d like to book a hostel but don’t know where to start. Most travel guides start with a preface of something like “Booking a hostel can save you lots of money but it will take a little advance planning…” when lots of travelers happily trade money for convenience every day.

Happily, paying up for travel convenience isn’t required these days. I found a great new travel booking app that covers more than thirty THOUSAND hostel properties in one hundred eighty countries! No matter where I’m traveling, it’s easy and convenient to find what I’m looking for. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can use it too.


Hostels: Inexpensive Accommodations Around the World

Since hostels are almost always the least expensive accommodations (in Europe and around the world), I’m excited. There are literally thousands of places where I can book a place to sleep for less than forty dollars a night. Hostels aren’t just for young people, and people of all ages should take advantage of this perfect way to find budget-friendly lodging!

Convenience of Flexible Mobile Booking

Whatever my travel plans, I go right to my Hostelworld Android App (which is a free download from Google Play) and get photos of the different hostels at my destination. Many have reviews by other users, so I can make a decision about whether the property meets my needs. I log in, filter by location, rating, or price to help narrow the number of choices. And, since I believe in paying it forward, it’s important to leave a review of any of the hostels I visit, too.


Hostelworld Android App

I’m also really happy this app is available for Android users. Not everyone uses an iPhone or iPad! (Although I’d like to say that an earlier release by Hostelworld last summer almost instantly rose to the Best New Apps category in over forty-nine countries on the App Store!) The Samsung Wallet is loaded into the app program (and can be used with offline access), and that’s a big convenience for people who love Samsung mobiles.

The Hostelworld Android App is can be used in English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Korean, Japanese ad simplified Chinese.

Secure, Fast, Hassle-Free

There’s a new card scanning feature that makes entering my credit card information on the mobile screen fast and hassle-free. I can elect to save my card information or delete it from the secure network. Checking out of the hostel reservation screen is also really fast and simple. I can also choose a flex booking if my plans are flexible and that features saves me a lot of angst where my travel commitments are concerned.

I highly recommend the Hostelworld Android App and hope you’ll leave me a comment about your favorite hostel properties, too.