Plummeting through the air, trailing through the dirt, careering off-road – is there any thrill greater than an adrenal-dose of extreme sports?

With the wind in your hair or mud caked on your boots, you can spend a few hours away from the hubbub of the city, exploring that unshackled feeling that goes hand in hand with a death-defying bungee jump or freefall.

And in dear old Blighty we love nothing more than extreme action. With that in mind, which UK destinations can offer that perfect rush of adrenaline?

Segway Central


A Segway might not be the first vehicle in your head when you think of thrills and spills. But thanks to the Segway adventure centre outside Chepstow, Wales, these two-wheeled wonders have become the hottest tickets on the British Isles.

Head for a day at Segway Active and you’ll be treated to races with your pals and nail-biting time trials, all over winding, unpredictable gravel paths.

If you’ve got mates worried about the idea of jumping out of a plane or going full throttle in a supercar, use Segway as an entry level slice of action. It’s the ideal gateway for extreme sport newbies.

Caves, Cheese and Extreme action


The Cheddar Caves are well-known for their stalagmites and stalactites (and scrumptious assortments of cheese). But this thriving tourist attraction isn’t all about genteel treks and cheese-devouring.

Within Britain’s deepest gorge, you’ll be given the opportunity to traverse cavernous heights and pothole deep inside the Mendip Hills. Those stalactites that seemed so far away will suddenly be up close and personal.

A shot to remember


Auchterhouse, Scotland is a small village offering extreme adventures – one of which could give you a bull’s eye.

The country sports venue offers clay pigeon shooting, an intensive hour or two that will go by in a (literal) shot. You’ll be shown how to fire, given a variety of moving targets and full training on how to handle your piece.

It’s an addictive sport, and a heart-pumping way to spend an afternoon. When you finally hit your first clay pigeon, you’ll never feel prouder.

Leap For a Laugh


Bungee jumping is one extreme sport guaranteed to put your heart in your mouth, and it attracts people in droves.

Whether you’re doing a jump for charity or leaping for a laugh, there are hundreds of locations where you can feel the wind in your hair as you plummet to your non-doom.

The finest in the UK is also the highest. In Maidenhead, Berkshire, you’ll experience a whole four seconds of adrenaline-fuelled freefall.

There truly are few experiences like it. So, head up to Maidenhead and enjoy an adventurous day out.