This is a great time to visit Europe and there’s no reason to spend a lot to enjoy the very best of the Continent. The euro’s still cheap! Buy an Inter-rail pass and then forget about the high cost of getting from one gorgeous city to the next. We recommend Paris, Munich, Milan, and Barcelona. I’ve travelled to each of these cities and know there’s nothing like making these places your own.



There are hundreds of places to visit in idyllic Paris and no one needs to tell you to visit the Louvre (the most visited museum in the world), the Eiffel Tower, or the roof of Cathédrale Notre-Dame (for some of the best gargoyle statues ever).

But please don’t miss the romance of making a love-lock and definitely do Pari Roller on a Friday night. This three-hour tour is amazing. Arrive at Place Raoul Dautry—front of Tour Montparnasse (at ten p.m. sharp)—with your inline skates. You don’t need money: it’s free. Take advantage of specially closed-off roads for the evening without fear of aggressive Parisian drivers…See the city of romance and culture as the glittering lights shine – without smoke or fattening food that’s everyone loves so much in Paris.

Totally amazing! From personal experience, don’t go out if it’s raining or inclement. (It’s automatically cancelled in this case.)

Then, if you want to take a relaxing break and love sports, consider Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and root for the home team! Bet365 says PSG are overwhelming favourites to win the French League and Zlatan is a local hero.



Hop the Inter-rail and head to Munich. Mid-summer is such a perfect time to see the city. Enjoy hundreds of different lagers and do almost everything for cheap or free. For instance, use a cultural tourism home exchange to stay in Munich at almost no cost. Once in Munich, try the free walking tour (guides get tips) and see the sights, including the Royal Residence (Residenz), the former home of the Wittelsbachs, and the Glockenspiel. (Don’t you love the sound of that word?)

The architecture of the Theatinerkirche is also magnificent, and completely free to visit. Because the scenery is so incredible, your hiking gear will get plenty of use! If you do stay in a hotel, it’s perfectly fine to ask the concierge about free events, including summer theatre, in Munich.

And, after your hike, think about the Bayern matches at Allianz Arena (this fantastic place actually changes colour)!



The next stop on your Euro tour is Milan. Because this is one of the most fabled places in the world to see a fashion show or go shopping, save some money for whatever kind of clothing or leather goods you crave. Then, plan to visit the San Siro Stadium to know where sports fanatics live here. In addition to the incredible Duomo, the stadium is one of Milano’s most iconic places to enjoy football!



You’ll backtrack to Paris to catch the Barcelona train and, when you arrive, you’ll immediately know why Barcelona is beloved by cultural tourists. No one needs to tell you to visit the two primary homes for football lovers – check out the Sagrada Familia and the Nou Camp, the largest stadium in Europe. Nou Camp seats just under 100,000 fans so, when a game’s in session, there’s an enormous physical energy that takes over the people and the city. These days, the great Lionel Messi (considered the best soccer player of all time by some), fantastic Xavi, and gracious Andres Iniesta are the patron saints of Barcelona.

Now that you’ve done a first European Tour, there’s so much more to explore, so stay with me! Drop a comment and let me know your favourite city!