Mexico City, called “D.F.” by the locals, is an incredible, exciting place. Warm weather, history-rich architecture, and an ennervating urban culture make Mexico City one of my favourite places to have fun. Night clubs and bars range from gentle dining places, to updated disco bars known as antros, to extremely bawdy places to watch people and go a little wild. The choice is fantastic.

Music culture here, whether at wild bars and clubs or at concerts, is incredibly diverse. It’s possible to enjoy traditional Mexican ballads or sway to what seems like millions of local indie groups that harmonize! Mexico City’s cool factor is high in barrios or neighborhoods San Angel, Condesa, La Zona Roja (or Rosa) and Polanco.

Amazing restaurants catch truly local flavors, ridiculously racous dance clubs or rowdy bars make it easy for everyone in search of nightlife to enjoy themselves. I never knew that nightlife could be so happily crazy. But no matter what you’re after, you’ll find it in Mexico City! Here are just a few of my most favourite bars, clubs, and places to listen to music (and dance) outdoors:


El Centenario, located at Vicente Suárez 42, Colonia Condesa, is a great place to live like the locals. It’s always jam-packed and beers and drinks are cheap. Live music and people looking to enjoy the night are always around.


The Bar at Hotel Habita, located at Avenida Presidente, Msasaryk 201, is always popular. This rootop gathering place in Polanco seems to attract lots of glamorous people. Cocktails can be expensive here, but the views of the city are amazing. The cushiony couches are a perfect place to watch videos the management stream projects on a nearby building!

Sometimes, I go up to the rooftop with my tablet and play a bit of online Euro Palace while waiting for friends or meeting new people.  Lots of people ask what I’m doing, and it’s exciting to share what I’ve learned.


Rioma, located at Insurgentes Sur 377, Colonia Condesa, is still crazy after all these years. The front-door guards protect the bar from the uncool, so it’s important to dress well and tip them for a place in line.


El Colmillo, located at Versalles 52, Colonia Juárez, is the creation of two UK expatriates. The club continues to call the best and brightest international travelers from all over the world (along with cool locals looking to meet them). Club DJs like techno and jazz, so there’s plenty of opportunity to dance and play all night.

Salón Tenampa, located at the Plaza Garibaldi (Eje Central between Republica de Peru and de Honduras, is the place to enjoy unlimited mariachi musicians and dance the night away. The music literally lasts all night: partyers and musicians leave as the sun rises. Arrive anywhere between nine p.m. and midnight to watch the musicians dressed in sparkling black suits and wide-brimmed classically Mexican hats.

From Personal Experience:


What I heard about drinking the water in Mexico City is true. Drink bottled water and avoid ice in cocktails…It’s important to know that drinking too much can be an issue for first-time visitors to D.F.  Mexico City rests on a high elevation, and one drink here should be considered two almost anywhere else.