They say it starts earlier every year and so as we reach the final months and Halloween passes, the celebration of Christmas will start to begin. This can be a slow build, in which we may just do one or two things to get in the mood, or it’s more practical as we begin shopping and looking for the right presents for our family and friends. There are plenty of ways you can slowly get in the mood for Christmas and if you’re looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit, here are a few suggestions.


A holiday at this time of year can be difficult and not within our budgets but if you have the chance to travel in November or December then there are plenty of places that can get you ready for Christmas. As the typical summer holiday spots have turned cold, you could look for a winter wonderland to enjoy. Lapland is of course a given for a holiday building up to Christmas. The region in Finland is predominantly snowy, so children can have snowball fight and build snowmen while you ski. There’s also many places to explore, from forests to lakes. You’ll find reindeer there too, as well as Christmas themed resorts and events, making it the ideal Christmas getaway, with many offers often available. Canada is worth consideration, as you can find permanently snowy areas there with a good mix or urban and countryside. New York is another great spot, as it’s likely to snow and you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best Christmas decorations and celebrations in the world.


There are plenty of other ways you can get into the Christmas spirit without travelling across the globe. Listening to the odd seasonal song can help, as you might add one or two songs to your playlist in anticipation, or you can start looking at different Christmas albums and singles you could buy. You could select a favourite Christmas film or television special and watch it early and it will sure to get you in the mood, maybe trying a less full-on Christmas film such as Iron Man 3. You could read a Christmas novel, such as Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol or Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather. Gaming is even a possibility for some early merriment, with Betway offering all the best casino games for Christmas such as Santa Paws and Santa’s Wild Ride.

A creative venture can help you get in the mood for Christmas too. You could make your own Christmas cards, by buying blank card and drawing traditional Christmas images on them or adding different materials such as tinsel. You could create your own decorations, using items around the house or make an advent calendar. Starting an early look into possible Christmas decorations can also ease you into the time of year. These are Christmas activities the whole family can enjoy an you’ll have to start on them early so things are ready in time for the holidays.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday, getting ready or just want an early start on Christmas, then you can’t go wrong with these suggestions.