Traveling in the U.S. or around the world requires you, the traveler, to know the dimensions and weight of luggage. Even the size, dimensions, and weight of carryon luggage, or personal items the airline allows you to bring on board, seem to be getting smaller and lighter. If you’re like me, this is a frustrating trend. I’ve broken a few kitchen scales in my quest to know just how much a carryon weighs. This is a big problem.

Here’s another. Those who travel often also know that eating well, whether for business or pleasure, can pack on the pounds. Dining out in a new city or country is fantastic, but the results of a week or two away from home—and the bathroom scale—can be daunting. Gaining five or ten pounds is easy to do, but it’s unacceptable to blame this health risk on a change of scenery.


Business Travel and Weight Gain

Business travel can really cause weight gain. A sales manager I know makes a hefty income, but he’s become hefty a year into his new job. Although he laughs about it, I feel sorry for him. He now buys two seats in coach. Weight management is not an option.

Why Weight –

I’m not necessarily a weigh-and-measure my food kind of person, but I do know plenty of people who say that weighing a mouth-watering filet mignon or planning for an insane dessert after dinner is how they stay thin.

Weight Watchers has made billions of dollars over the last fifty years selling dieters converted postage scales and other tools to weigh and measure food. Friends and family say this approach works, but it’s remarkable to know that my scale does this and much more.


Carryon, Body Fat, and Kitchen Scale

While a modest weight gain isn’t the end of the world, I asked how I could solve several simultaneous scale-related problems.

I found an answer that makes me happy. A Kickstarter-funded company,, has designed a portable scale I can use in a variety of ways:

  • I can use Weighitz to weigh my luggage. It’s tiny and tough with great industrial design. This application is awesome, because I can bring Weighitz in my carryon and check the weight of a carryon or luggage before boarding the return flight.
  • I can use Weighitz to weigh myself wherever I am. This feature is perfect. If I gain a pound or two, I can watch what I eat for a couple of days. (I will never buy two seats to travel anywhere!)
  • I can use Weighitz in the kitchen. For instance, if the recipe calls for four ounces of cheese, I can grate just what I need without a fuss. Most kitchen scales are poorly designed and, as above, they break when some of us attempt to weigh luggage on them.
  • I can use Weighitz in the home office. I don’t need a large, expensive and unwieldy scale to weigh postage. (Keep in mind that the major delivery services now consider the weight as well as the dimensions of any package before posting.)


Healthy Lifestyle Gifts

I bought several Weighitz scales to give to friends who weigh and measure their food. A real estate broker friend uses hers in the office to check her weight. Another friend keeps his on display because, after losing more than a hundred pounds, he loves healthy living.

Check out Weighitz! The Kickstarter launch happens on August 18, 2015, so support this great product and business if you can.