Although New Zealand is a mere twelve hours away by air from California, it is an incredible new world! Those who are mesmerized by the Lord of the Rings trilogy landscape know that Tolkien’s vistas as imagined by Tolkien were filmed entirely in New Zealand. It’s possible to experience these amazing Middle-Earth places—and all of the country’s distinctive twelve regions—on a New Zealand luxury vacation.


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New Zealand Seasons

If you’ve traveled to Australia or New Zealand, you know what to expect about the seasons of New Zealand. Most people say it’s always a good time to year to visit, but there are four seasons that include winter cold weather (great for skiing or hiking along glacial fields), spring warm weather, gorgeous sunny summer, and clear, crisp and colorful autumn.

The only important difference in the seasons for visitors from the Northern hemisphere is that New Zealand’s seasons are directly opposite: summer in the Northern hemisphere is winter in the Southern hemisphere! For that reason, many winter-weary visitors from the North enjoy instant summer in the South!

Winter in New Zealand occurs in late May through early September, and the South New Zealand tends to get more snow than the North. However, this time of year is perfect for planning a Queenstown ski holiday. Most visitors plan a trip to New Zealand between the months of October and April.

Guided Luxury Travel

New Zealand’s majestic high cliffs, stunning mountains, lakes and ocean horizons are sights of a lifetime. Lake Wanaka is one of the most perfect places on earth to take advantage of a guided walk. Mount Aspiring National Park (and Rob Roy Glacier Track) is another fantastic hiking environment that’s made even better the services of an experienced guide.

It’s certainly true that any traveler with a valid passport can rent a car and drive any of the ten themes/highway tours. These tours are supposed to lead the unfamiliar visitor through various New Zealand landscapes. Some people say they’re pretty easy to follow, but other visitors return with an understanding that they went all the way to New Zealand and didn’t have the benefit of a guide who could take them on coastal treks, through the wine country, or anywhere near the Fox Glacier. Since most people go to New Zealand for real adventure, they dream about paddling through the otherworldly Metro Cave or soaring above the beauty below in a helicopter. Perhaps they want to hike the Southern Alps to explore the literally thousands of fantastic rock formations.


Since there is such an abundance of overwhelming natural flora, fauna (such as penguins: New Zealand is one of the first places that most travelers see penguins), and phenomena, it’s difficult for the first-time visitor to decide which places to visit. Rakiura, the largest island, provides easy access to islands, such as Waiheke (and Great Barrier via ferry). If you’re seeking a peaceful, tranquil spot in an always hectic world, crater, glacial action, and dune lakes (Lakes Taupo, Mamapouri, or Papaitonga) are certainly places you will enjoy.

Culture lovers enjoy total immersion in the Wellington Arts Tour. Wellington is also the capital of New Zealand and one of the largest cities. Located in the North Island’s southern tip, the Museum of New Zealand, Wellington City Art Gallery, and Old St. Paul’s are found here. This beautiful seaside city is also the perfect place to enjoy a pristine beach alone or with a special someone, fine dining, luxury shopping, water sports, and some of New Zealand’s best spas. Hertz car hire services provide the means to exploring the renowned spots in Wellington.

New Zealand’s thousand top-to-bottom vertical miles are rich with opportunities for relaxation, sports, adventure, romance, and culture. The best way to experience New Zealand your way is to hire a great guide. You’ll be glad you did!